Tell Your Story

Video isn't just for television anymore. While the traditional 30 and 60 second spot still has its place in the marketing plan, video now finds home in digital marketing, websites, social media, or corporate training. The ability to tell your story through image and word, sound and feeling, is a powerful one - no matter the media. RJM utilizes a variety of production methods including animation, drones, on location, and studio footage to capture and tell your story.

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Not Just Film

Video that works isn't just about what goes on film (or in today's world, memory card). It's about the script and the distribution strategy. RJM can help before and after the shoot. Our team of copywriters and strategists can arrange talent, script writing, media placement, and re-cutting footage into a variety of different uses. Get the most out of the time behind the camera by making sure you have a solid plan before the first shot.

Video Filming