Building A Senior
Living Community

Broadmead's New
Hillside Homes

When Broadmead began working with RJM, the planning for their new Hillside Homes, 52 new spacious apartment style homes in two buildings on campus, was already in the works. Pre-sales had yet to begin, but there was great excitement and anticipation around this project which would bring a totally different style of living into the mix. Initial sales would be critical to move each stage of the process along. RJM worked closely with Broadmead's marketing and sales department to develop messaging and marketing pieces for each stage of the process.

Broadmead Envelope Mailer

Broadmead Direct Mailer

The Problem

70% of the 52 new apartment style homes would need to be sold before Broadmead could continue past the pre-sale stage. These sales also had to be accomplished while maintaining occupancy rates within the existing garden homes on campus. Broadmead had also never offered this style of living before, offering only a single story home spread throughout the attractive 94-acre campus.

Broadmead Direct Mailer

Broadmead Postcard

The Process


Begin digital advertising to develop inbound marketing and email database. Using geographic and demographic targeting to drive prospects to a landing page with a digital download.


Use creative direct mail to invite prospective residents to open houses and educational seminars. These highlighted not only the Hillside Homes development, but the campus, the community, and the current residents.


Integrate Hillside Homes into all digital and traditional marketing channels. Utilize existing marketing efforts on social media, the Baltimore Sun, website and more to promote Hillside Homes as a new and exciting option.


Engage pre-sale buyers after the initial commitment to continue to build community with move-in years away. Broadmead's marketing and sales department organized multiple events on campus while RJM continued to include this group in all marketing.

The Results

Pre-sales for the Hillside Homes launched on March 1, 2018. 34 days later, 37 of the available homes had been sold, reaching the 70% milestone to move into financing. By the end of June, just four months later, 92% of all homes had been sold. This occupancy percentage has held steady throughout the process, even as move-ins are scheduled for fall of 2020. RJM has worked closely with the Broadmead sales and marketing department to maintain occupancy not only for Hillside Homes, but for the current garden homes as well with 100% occupancy being reached in this timeframe.

Broadmead Direct Mailer