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The strength of community banks is right in the name - your communities. We hear the stories all the time. The loans that are provided that start new businesses. Accounts that aren't numbers, but neighbors. At RJM, we aim to build upon those strengths to create a brand that the entire community knows and supports. From farm loans to commercial lending, we have the experience to connect with your customers - and get approval from your compliance department. Our capabilities range from the traditional to the digital, allowing RJM to supplement your internal marketing team with strategic counsel and creative executions that craft your community and grow your business.


Community banks are naturally focused on their community, developing a deeper connection to those around you. You see the local business owners thrive day-in and day-out. The kids who opened their first bank account at the bank return to get a mortgage for their first home. And even those who are transitioning into retirement after a determined and dedicated work ethic resulted in enjoying the silver years of life.

But big banks and credit unions are touting the same traits these days. We believe in not being satisfied with "we're part of the community" being your advantage. Through internal and customer research, RJM digs into what really sets you apart and then communicates that through effective messaging and strategy.

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RJM has helped community banks make their presence known in a landscape of big bank infiltration, consolidation, uncertainty in long-term lending, and encroachment from outside financial organizations. Through each and every partnership we have enjoyed presenting a new perspective and providing opportunities for growth. Our most recent partnership is with the Community Bankers of Michigan. Helping the Community Bankers of Michigan is not only a way to give back to the community banks in our state, but also keeps RJM at the forefront of issues that directly impact you and your customers. Know that RJM has a finger on the pulse of your industry.

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