More Than Looks

Good design doesn't just look nice, it motivates. While it may not always be noticeable when present, it is always noticeable when absent. Design communicates clearly and upholds your brand image. At RJM, we consider design a craft, not just step in the process. Our graphic designers' dedication to this craft ensures that your brand is secure. From original brand identities to translating your brand to digital or traditional executions, be assured that it's more than just looks, it's how it works.

Michigan Department of Corrections Billboard

2017 Annual Report

Executions of All Types

Except for radio, there isn't a project that doesn't get a designer's touch on it. From collateral to digital marketing, trade show exhibits to vehicle wraps, RJM has crafted just about every type of design project over our history. When you have a project that needs to stand out, we're here. 

LTi Truck