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The postcard was yesterday's souvenir. Today's is more likely to be Instagram photos, a YouTube video, and the Snaps. Experiences are driving a new level of status symbol. Tourists and local residents alike are constantly crafting a brand image for your community that may feel like it's hard to control. At RJM, we understand that visitors bureaus and attractions have to work together with numerous partners to build a brand image of a community. Two different visitors can have two completely different experiences depending on what they do. We help bring communities together and craft an image that attracts tourists and builds local pride.


RJM knows that not every destination has a Space Needle, an Arch, or a canyon. Communities are often competing against these attractions for the same tourist dollars. We also know that each community has something that makes it unique and marketable. In our hometown of Jackson, Michigan, this was our prison. Yes, prison. RJM worked with many state and local entities to turn our state prison from a brand liability into a unique tourist asset - Cell Block 7.

Our Case Study

Cell Block 7 Billboard


Crafting a community cannot come from advertising alone. Visitor experiences shape much of your brand image, and that lies in the hands of the front-line staff that they encounter at hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more. Local residents need to talk positively about their own community and recognize the assets that surround them every day. That's why RJM developed the Certified Community Program. This affordable, turnkey program allows hotels, restaurants, and tourist venues to turn their employees into "Certified" local experts. Testing is done online with tests and questions developed uniquely for each location. Now is the time to craft your community ambassadors and help shape your brand.

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