Are you a cow?

Mike Ambs
Senior Account Executive, RJM

Posted On June 26, 2013

Recently, one of the media networks sent out an announcement that described consumers as “cows;” and branding is all about putting your name on the “cows” to claim them as your own - that doesn’t seem very nice!

We look at branding as how to define your business. What the business stands for and can stand on as the main differentiator against the competition. Sometimes businesses will be too vague with their branding; “we have great service”; “we have great prices”; or “we use the latest, state-of-the-art technology” - these are all bland and don’t really define the business.

You don’t BRAND a customer. Customers are the ones who review, evaluate and decide what brands they want to associate with. Each one of us is an individual. We are given dozens to hundreds of options to choose from for products and services that we need, want, or would like to have. Customers are free agents in the market. Businesses make offers to attract us to their brands. They need to come up with the messages that will resonate with the audience they want to attract. You can’t just put your name on a customer and claim them like cattle! 

Branding is an elaborate process, and at RjM we have a comprehensive approach to working with businesses to find, create and deliver their branding to the consumers, who in the end have the final say in who they choose to do business with.

Branding. Take it seriously.