Utilizing Your Strongest Asset

January 2, 2018

The world of banking is tried and true. It’s been around since the 18th century, and quite frankly hasn’t changed a lot – money is deposited and loaned out. As a result, one bank starts to look identical to the next. As competition from national banks and credit unions heat up, the only way to stay afloat is keeping your bank from getting lost in the battle of the banks.

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Motivating Millennials

June 22, 2017

Motivating Millennials

Millennials are now the largest population segment ever in U.S. history. (FICO, 2014) Even though half of millennials claim a national bank as their primary bank, they are also willing to open an account somewhere else—giving your community bank a great opportunity. (Accenture, 2015) Investing in customer loyalty with millennials creates multiple wins; 56% of surveyed millennials have recommended their bank in the past. (FICO, 2014) Not only can millennials develop into loyal customers, they are more likely to promote their bank and services compared to other groups.

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Are you a cow?

June 26, 2013

Recently, one of the media networks sent out an announcement that described consumers as “cows;” and branding is all about putting your name on the “cows” to claim them as your own - that doesn’t seem very nice!

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A logo never sold a ticket

May 14, 2013

Spring has sprung and the fun and sun of summer is undeniably approaching. That, of course, means Michigan International Speedway and our community can look forward to welcoming tens of thousands of guests. Many of our guests at the track will have spent weeks, if not months, planning for their visit while others may have made a more spontaneous decision. A number of our guests have visited previously and others are visiting for their first time. In either circumstance, we are going to introduce and reinforce our brand, our true brand.

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Be Sure to Support the Life of Your Brand

October 29, 2012

I am an unabashed car enthusiast just as likely to quote horsepower numbers from the 1960s as I am to talk about advertising. As a graphic designer, cars provide an endless supply of inspiration in color, attitude and shape. Every one has the same goal, but each gets you there in a slightly different manner. They're also a wonderful study in branding. Each manufacturer crafts their own brand, sometimes many under the same company. Miss the target market though, and you're out millions of dollars. Talk about a lot riding on a brand - entire factories are built on the hope that it appeals to the market.

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