Digital Marketing to Seniors

March 27, 2020

Even today, when dealing with the senior market, digital marketing solutions can often be seen as "too new". Public perception of seniors is that they haven’t needed to, or aren’t interested in adapting to new technologies such as social media, smartphones, tablets, or online shopping. But inside senior living, we know that’s not the case.

Continuing care retirement communities and independent living campuses have seen their active seniors participate in learning sessions for iPads, join social media to keep up with grandchildren, and insist on fast and reliable Wi-Fi and broadband access.

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Creative Direct Mail for Senior Living Communities

December 2, 2019

It’s easy to knock direct mail. Associated with incredibly low response rates, rising postage costs, and customer frustrations, direct mail fell to the bottom of the marketing mix in favor of more digital executions. For the senior living market, however, direct mail remains a crucial part of the marketing plan – with the right creative spin.

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