RjM creates a sleek new site for Comtronics


Posted On March 5, 2012

Comtronics is one of the most diverse communications and security companies in Southern Michigan, and their new website design – courtesy of RjM – is a perfect fit for this high-tech company. Comtronics’ redesigned site features a sophisticated vibe and straight forward navigation, with bold graphics and a judicious use of text.

The site was created with a subtle variation in design to differentiate between the main corporate site and the two divisions for security and cellular services. Within the security and cell divisions, products and options are clearly offered. General pages for each product category, such as commercial security systems or smart phones, provide a quick glimpse at a large amount of information while breaking down into specific pages for each product providing a wealth of information. Each division has their own products scrolling through on the home page for effective promotion of new or important items.

Comtronics websiteThe catalog of news articles starts almost at the company’s origination, providing a virtual history of Comtronics through the years. Open positions are posted through a fully-featured careers page which allows Comtronics to accept resumes online for prospective employees. The site also offers online bill-pay for cellular services, crime statistics, product videos and location and contact information.

With an immediate service area comprised of 11 states in their security division and five stores across Michigan, Comtronics has a broad reach and a wide client base. RjM is pleased to have had the opportunity to create the website design and work with Comtronics to bring the site to life.