The Grand Finale

Donovan Cronkhite
President, RJM

Posted On November 26, 2012

After all is said and done, what do we know for sure? First, we know that it's rare, if not unheard of, for a business owner to say that their website isn't important to their business. Years ago it was established that to not be online was to miss out on opportunities that could elevate business sales to numbers beyond normal expectations. Second, we know that the average business is reaching thousands of people per month with their site. This in itself deserves congratulations for many business owners.

The downside to that is that many businesses are still not taking every advantage of the platform they have available. Paid search uptake is relatively small. Social media referrals are almost nonexistent for the vast majority of sites. Campaign usage is low across the board. For a marketing material so critical now to overall success, these marketing efforts should show more prominently across the board.

RjM knows that change isn't over - online or off. The statistics show us that mobile usage is on the rise and will surely hit every industry in the coming years. Search engines are updating their algorithm criteria every four to six months. Social media continues to grow and change in both user demographics and referring sites. It'll be up to every one of us to try and keep up. Standing still will not slow down the online world, they're more than happy to move on without anyone else.

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