Where is my audience?

Mike Ambs
Senior Account Executive, RJM

Posted On April 15, 2013

"Hello everybody!"
"I’ve got it right here!"
"This is what will make everything better! You will really like the latest thing we’ve come up with!"
"Hello? Where is everybody?"
"I’ve got the next great thing but no one is listening?!"

It seems more and more efforts are put into developing the message for the audience, but is enough time put into finding the audience? Finding where they are and why they would be interested in what you have? And don’t think it’s as simple as – “males and females between 18-64 years-old who wear pants.” Or - “Anyone who drives a car.”

Audience segmentation and demographic information is available in many places and can become overwhelming and somewhat of a burden at times. But it is worth searching to find the people who are thinking like you, have the values you do, and are looking for what you have to offer. They could be right next door or spread out all over the globe, but they are there.

You can come out with the biggest and best thing in the world, but if you don’t find the right people to tell them you’ve got it, they’ll never know.

Think of it as an order of operations:

  1. Figure out what you have.
  2. Find out who to tell.
  3. Find out where they are.
  4. Find out what to say.
  5. Find out where to say it.

If you skip a step or jump around the list you might end up wasting time and telling people who don’t care what to do.

Find the right people; find the little groups of individuals who are right for your business or product and you can find success. Being specific shouldn’t be a concern; if you find the right people they will believe in you and they will tell the others.