RjM creates a sleek new site for Comtronics

March 5, 2012

Comtronics is one of the most diverse communications and security companies in Southern Michigan, and their new website design – courtesy of RjM – is a perfect fit for this high-tech company. Comtronics’ redesigned site features a sophisticated vibe and straight forward navigation, with bold graphics and a judicious use of text.

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The Real Lessons of Social Media

March 1, 2012

These days it’s hard to escape the endless barrage of social media. Even if your phone isn’t constantly notifying you of Facebook posts, Twitter re-tweets, LinkedIn requests, or Instagram comments, you are still very aware of the presence of these sites, and how they are infiltrating our lives, and by extension, the way we do business.

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Social Media: Need vs. Demand

December 28, 2011

At a recent seminar I attended in Atlanta, the conversation revolved around business use of social media. The predominant question was, “Do you need it or does the market demand it?” Frequently I hear business executives say they need to get into social media, mostly because they hear a lot about it and feel they are missing out in some way. Then the discussion flows. What does it cost? Who will do it? What is the ROI? Do my customers even care about social media?

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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

December 2, 2011

With the help of RjM, County National Bank is advertising in a medium they’ve never utilized before—the big screen. CNB’s first movie theater spot will premiere Friday, December 2, at the Jackson 10 theater in Jackson, MI and the Premiere Theater in Hillsdale, MI.

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RjM Website Survey

January 31, 2011

RJM recently sent out our first survey to current clients in order to pick their brains and gauge their perceptions of digital media—specifically websites. We wanted to know everything there is to know about how they see their website: what they use them for, how often they update their content, how often they update the graphics/layout, how long they think building a website should take, and so on.

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Emmons Service Cleans Up Their Website

January 27, 2011

Emmons Service, Jackson's leading trash hauler and recycler for more than 90 years, tossed their old website aside with the help of RjM, launching EmmonsService.com. The new site pays homage to years gone by through its vintage-inspired color scheme, but the similarities to the early 1900s end there. Users will find the new site incredibly easy to navigate, as the design has been seamlessly laid out to assure no space could be considered "waste".

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Blogging for Business

January 15, 2006

Maintaining constant and continuous communication with both prospects and clients is of the utmost importance to entrepreneurs. Sometimes, normal mediums such as newsletters or advertisements just aren’t enough. In today’s technology-driven market, a business blog may be the answer to not only connecting with prospects and clients, but also to opening up communication channels that might not have otherwise existed.

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Search: The End of the Road

December 13, 2005

You've just clicked the final button on the beginning of your Google AdWords campaign. If you've selected the right keywords, traffic is starting to see your ad and click through to your web site. In a matter of days, you can see the difference the AdWords campaign has on your web site's traffic logs. Success, right? Well, maybe.

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Search: Choosing Your Words (and Price) Carefully Part 2

August 14, 2005

Search Engine Marketing is supposed to be easy. The entire theory around the process is that the customer is already searching for your website and they only need a sign pointing them in the right direction. While the theory still holds true, the truth is that like any other marketing opportunity, it takes thought and strategy to make the effort worthwhile.

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Search: Effectively Marketing Online Part 1

August 12, 2005

Last year, $9.6 billion dollars was spent by companies advertising online – and that number is only growing. 2005 saw spending for online advertising jump another 4.3%, to $2.8 billion dollars for the first quarter alone. With nearly 70% of the American population online, the fight for the eyes of the online consumer is heating up at a record pace. And it's starting at the most common Internet site, the search engine.

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